Beans To Books™

Turning Beans into Books.

The Colombian educational model resembles that of the Netherlands. Colombia works with a primary and a secondary school. In 1886 in the law is revised so that education is regulated by the Ministry of Education. There is also a law that 10% of the budget of the government must be spent on education. The language of instruction is Spanish. There are schools in which instruction is in English, German or French, but these are private schools and must be paid for. Some Colombians unable to pay that much.

Textbooks are not issued by the school or put on loan by the school. Students must buy their own books. When a school uses a particular method (book) it is used for about 3 years. Books are available in local bookstores.

Now it's More Than Just Books.

Our Beans to Books™ program will work closely with school administrations to determine what their needs are. Then we allow school aged children to design coffee labels as part of their art programs and use those labels on bags of 100% Colombian Coffee from the very coffee region where the school is located. Those bags are sold to the world and allow for the profits to come back to the school in the form of books, computers and/or other supplies the schools may need.

Every bag of coffee sold through the program, indicates what school the proceeds will be helping. We will update everyone through various social media platforms when we deliver the items from the proceeds of their great label designs!