Giving Back

Even though we tend to be a bit lighthearted in our company, Colombian coffee has a serious impact on the world.  Other than water no other beverage is enjoyed more around the world.   But in addition to the joy coffee brings to the world the economic impact is tremendous as well.  What most people don’t realize is all our Colombian coffee is handpicked, bean by bean, bag by bag, on the steep slopes of the Colombian mountains.

We have created several programs that give back to the hardworking Colombian families that work hard every day on our farms and thousands of other farms. They work hard to ensure you have that amazing tasting cup of coffee when you want it, so we are giving back with our Trees for Change™ and Beans to Books™ programs.

Quality Products

We have worked hard over the years to develop brands and a business that the community not only loves, but can trust.  We want our brands to be part of the community in a positive manner.  We treat every customer as if they are a member of our family and strive to provide them the best product available today.   Our retail and restaurant partners get the same benefit of being in the Colombian Bean Company family.

We work with our partners to help them improve their business and profits while we ensure the profits from our business and not sucked up by huge coffee conglomerates.  This is true from our farm to all of the facilities we utilize to roast and process our coffee.  We work hard to make sure the hard-working Colombian farmers that make it all possible, enjoy the benefits of a successful coffee brand.