Colombian Tea.

The other Colombian drink.

olombia is known for many things like its coffees, but what most people don’t know Colombia for is its Colombian Teas. It is quite interesting to know that Colombia is a tea producing country. It started its tea production in 1950s when the country’s’ government started tea plantations after purchasing tea trees from Brazil. The plantation was done in three areas of the country as a means of diversifying agriculture. Though Colombia is not one of the foremost tea producing countries in the world, they have been able to develop a large variety of tea producing factories in the country.

One of the regions where the plantation was started is in Andes Mountains. Here, tea is planted and nurtured till maturity and harvested. Andes Mountains is known to be an exotic, peaceful as well as a beautiful place in Colombia. The tropical weather of the country makes it easy to harvest tea all year round. The weather condition of the country provides a comfortable atmosphere for the production of these teas. Teas are grown in soil with high concentration of copper, zinc coal and nitrogen. Teas produced in Colombia are low in acidity, sweet and soft. And the consistent climate aids in the high yield of tasty and delicate tea-tips all year round.

Colombian teas are planted in a unique way making them special in several aspects. The trees are planted short and spaced out, and often, the trees are made up of different varieties, mainly a mix of assamica, Cambodian and sinensis. This combination results in a natural mixture of tea leaves in every harvest. However, someone can be forgiven for not knowing about Colombian teas because tea market in the country has had it a bit difficult to grow, and this is largely due to the country’s strong coffee culture.