Bogota Excelso


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These coffee beans are sourced from the highest quality farm cooperatives sustainably sourced in Santander. Packaged in an amazing bag that shows the history of Colombian coffee.


Bogota Excelso

These coffee beans are sourced from the highest quality farmer cooperatives in the Santander region and sustainably harvested. In the department of Santander, we enjoy the benefits of cultivating and harvesting arabica coffee. 100% lofty, in this way we allow ourselves to proudly of-fer you an excellent product, at the same time that we work to protect the ecosystems, the wild-life and the people. The representative coffee of the department of Santander is cultivated to a height between 1200 and 2600 meters. 80% percent of this is grown under shady soil of mineral origin. The humidity oscillates in a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 12%, with low contents of organic matter, and sedimentary floors. The density of sowing is of 5300 plants per hectare. 95% of the department’s coffee is resistant to rust.

Region:               Santander

Type:                     Arabica

Roast:                   Medium

Altitude:              1900-2600 Meters Above Sea Level

Size:                       500g (1.1 Lbs)*

* Also available for commercial customers in 25K bulk bags.

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