Trees for Change

Help the Cause.

Researchers are pointing to the ecological and economic benefits of shade-grown coffee. In addition to yielding higher quality coffee, planting shade-giving trees can control erosion, reduce the amount of herbicides needed, increase the amount of organic material in the soil,
among other benefits, says Nicolas Frank Berguer of the Universidad de Chile’s Center for the Study of Arid Zones. Berguer visited the National University of Medellin.

If you are planting a tree for yourself or a family member our farm team will provide you with a beautiful certificate thanking you for your contribution to the Colombian farm region environment. If you have planted a tree in memory of a loved one or on behalf of an organization you will received a certificate that is customized for the type of planting you are doing.

Amazing Tribute.

After you have ordered a tree you will receive an email from the farm, we will gather the information you would like on your certificate and what type of certificate you would like.

Give the tree planting as a gift or if you have lost a loved one who loved the environment plant a tree in their memory.

Once you tree is planted we will send you updates with you trees located and coordinates along with a photo of your tree!